The Science of Smiles: Why Women Love Funny Guys

Joy and an overall state of feeling good as well as a perfect alignment with inner energies is what should be part of all our lives on a daily basis. With constant challenges and different worries or issues occurring from time to time, there should never be lack of proper fun in our existence.

We should never forget to smile and feel the joy coming right from our hearts and souls. In fact, laughter is the true power of body and soul healing. The studies related to smiles also reveal that women enjoy the company of funny male partners. It is true, even the most attractive escorts prefer guys who know their way around jokes more than any other. Let’s see why.

Laughter Seals Deals in the Science of Smiles

Women Love Funny GuysWe all enjoy a good life no matter whether we are out with friends, family members or the most gorgeous London escort that we have ever seen. These girls always admire a man who does not only look good but can also make them smile and feel relaxed. Moreover, when it comes to romantic connections, a simple smile can help seal the deal as far as recent studies have revealed.

This is not something difficult to believe or understand. No one likes to seek the company of boring people or feel like a date is an interview instead of a romantic rendezvous. Most beautiful escorts in the world choose their partners taking into account such factors. A funny guy will always win the battle with other men trying to attract attention.

In theory, women dream of men that are smart, wealthy and gorgeous but in it is even more important for these partners to be funny. Why? Because it will make them feel like it is worth spending their life together. Even when you meet a beautiful London escort, the first thing she will notice in you is your sense of humor or your lack of wishes to laugh. Either way, it will be your win or loss.

Women Love Funny Guys for Many Reasons

In case you are wondering why women enjoy spending time or fell in love with men that have a sense of humor, you should know that scientists have the right answer for you. Looks like two people laughing together while being involved romantically is a clear sign of attraction.

For example, when you see a man out on romantic meeting with a magnificent London escort, you can immediately realize just how much fun they are having or how attracted they might be to one another. This is because when we laugh our body eliminates certain substances that make us attracted by the partner we share joy with.

This explains why funny men also win in life and get the most attractive escorts from to go out with them. This also explains why a beautiful woman they pursue once will definitely want to go on a date with them again.

In the end, there is no harm in having fun with smart, beautiful escorts or other female or male partners for sure. Being in a romantic gathering should be closely related to thrilling smiles and coquetry. This is the real charm of being romantically involved!